Backstage at DapperQ R/Evolution

Qwear photographer Hannah Cohen captured some backstage magic at dapperQ's R/Evolution.

Observing the craftsmanship of these garments and accessories off stage does not disappoint.

Some highlights from these shots are Audio Helkuik's leather pieces and the detail that went into their carefully curated looks. Nicole Wilson's designs break free from the dapper norm, incorporating Ugandan patterns in collaboration with HRI. SDN is a Brooklyn-based fashion label by Marcus Hicks that utilizes sustainable materials and practices , while maintaining cutting edge style and design. Clear Coated offers handcrafted rainwear brand built to create rainproof clothing and accessories that enhance and compliment, rather than hide, an outfit or personal style.

If you have the means to do so, I highly recommend checking out these brands' online stores and supporting them as thanks for gracing us with their beautiful designs. The queer fashion world would not be possible without the brilliance of these designers, many of whom are creating clothing on their own dime with just the power of their imagination and the tools available to them. It's often easy to place these brilliant queer fashion designers on pedestals and imagine their lives to be as glamorous as their talent, not recognizing that they need support just like the rest of us!

 Jari Jones for  Audio Helkuik

Jari Jones for Audio Helkuik

 Alysse Dalessandro for  Audio Helkuik

Alysse Dalessandro for Audio Helkuik

 Shaholly Ayers

Shaholly Ayers


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Photography by Hannah Cohen