It took me 3 years to acknowledge the damage and 5 years to recognize it’s permeated every aspect of my life.

This one is for every QTPOC that has experienced abuse in all of its silent and violent forms. To the ones who are no longer with us and the ones who are forced to fight every. damn. day.


I let you see me.
I let you seep into my cracks.
Enter my home.
Lay on my bed.
Love my body.

Touch my spirit.
You held my bruises in your hands.

And then you chased me up the stairs.
And held my bruises in a way I never thought you would. In a way you said you never could.
I looked at you.
Body throbbing. Your soul left you. That anger. In your eyes I saw his. And then I was reminded. Every hair on my body reminded- of him.

It was then that I told myself.
No man would ever touch me the way you did.
The way he did.
Ever Again.


This is how I’d like to introduce myself to all of you. Vulnerable, powerful and alive. On a platform that utilizes fashion as a tool to empower and celebrates who I am. A Queer, Filipinx Siren lacing style and story together because I control how my narrative is told and you’d be hard-pressed not to believe it’ll be anything less than gorgeous and true. Start Here.


Miguel Raphael Bagsit


Photography By: Guerilla Davis, @ShotByGuerilla


Miguel Raphael is a Queer Filipinx fashion blogger currently based in San Francisco, CA. He is a workaholic pisces and an MIA texter who wants to build relationships and collaborate with members of the community. He also runs The XO Series, a blog that documents story through style in an effort to tell narratives that are directly reflected in what what is worn while celebrating the inner confidence and healing outward presentation can provide. Miguel believes that his relationship with style is a living, visual representation of the different stages of his intersecting identities. A belief that has saved his life time and again.