Adorable Queer Alert

Not sure what I love most about this. Her asymmetrical hair framing her face?

Her bow tie? Oh, and queers: if you are feeling reluctant about wearing suspenders because they haven’t looked good in the past, try suspenders of different widths, or try adjusting where you attach them to your pants. Amy’s are clipped on fairly far apart, which looks really great on her. But you can figure out the best place for you. Because I truly believe that everyone can look adorable in them. See the suspenders tag for more queerspiration. 

Shirt: Urban Outfitters*
Bow tie: American Apparel
Suspenders: Thrift store
Jeans: Gap

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*Urban Outfitters donates money to anti-gay campaigns. Learn more about their actions here

Buffalo Exchange and Ragstock are great hipster alternatives.