Ambitious Tomboy Style

Katherine did a photoshoot in her bother’s clothes, and her brilliant color and pattern combinations offer a new spin on Tomboy style. 

She’s making me consider wearing things I would never consider wearing. Who would ever dream that a denim jacket over a blue oxford would look so put together? 

I also love how many Indie and non-US brands I’m learning about from her. She’s got brands from Tokyo, Melbourne, Copenhagen, the UK… (Although, I did NOT realize Navajo appropriation was also a thing in Japan). For those of you interested in vintage frames, Moscot is a vintage style eyewear company with an online store and locations in New York.

norse projects tomboy

Beanie: Norse Projects
T-shirt: Norse Projects
Jacket: Adidas OT Tech jacket
Shorts: Wood Wood
Socks: Alpaca
Shoes: Nike Lunar Wood

tomboy style

Hat: Supreme
T-shirt: Nike x Kobe Bryant (not shown)
Jacket: Perks & Mini
Jeans: Ironheart
Socks: Vanishing Elephant
Shoes: New Balance Highs and Lows
Glasses: Moscot

All photos from: This is what I look like when I wear my brother’s clothes

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