Androgynous Masculine-Leaning Coded Hairstyles for Wavy Hair


9.28 Note about the title: Thanks to feedback from reader Paige Matthews, we added the word "coded" to demonstrate that visual perceptions of masculinity and androgyny are socially constructed codes and not universal truths. 

Anonymous asked: "I am a genderfluid person. I have medium length hair which goes to my shoulder blades.

"My hair texture is kind of wavy/curly, but also has random sections which are straight. I was wondering if you guys had any androgynous hairstyles that would make me look more masculine then feminine."

Our hair experts once shared, "We love curls. Curly hair differs drastically from person to person depending on hair thickness, tightness of curls, and how your hair falls." Some wavy heads of hair naturally falls forward, or to the side, so for the best results we want to work with its natural inclinations.

Everyone's hair is different. I recommend choosing a few photos of styles you like, bringing them to a barber (not a salon!), and asking them to do something inspired by it that will work with your hair. Once you develop a relationship with a barber, they will get to know your hair really well and then tweak the cut as it grows in.

Make sure you find a barber you are comfortable with who knows what they are doing! If you don't want to waste your money on a bad cut, sit in a barbershop and observe until you see someone whose work you like. Watch the way they are cutting hair — are they putting care into their craft, or are they rushing to get to the next customer? And of course, the end result will provide some good hints as to how skilled they are. 

Here's some inspiration — hope you see something you like.

Gabrielle Royal, photo by Dapperpenniless

Gabrielle Royal, photo by Dapperpenniless

Cover photo courtesy of Gabrielle Royal & Dapperpenniless