Androgyny: YES, I found the perfect shirt!

Those who’ve been following Qwear for a while have seen my array of button-ups. I’ve brought multiple brands to the tailor and have even taken the custom-made route.

But this number by Androgyny is one of the best fitting shirts I’ve come across. I’ve enjoyed my other shirts a lot, but when I tried this on I went, “oooooh, that’s what it should feel like!” It didn’t require any adjusting or pulling to fit over my curves. And like most of you, I probably would have never known what was possible in a shirt that could fit my body and gender expression until now.

Due to the high production costs of manufacturing in San Francisco and being a start-up who produces limited editions of each style, Androgyny’s shirts are priced at $125. Though many of you have graciously informed me that you don’t have that kind of cash (I think my favorite line was: “this blog is run by a privileged idiot”), if you do have the means or are saving for a special occasion, your money will be well spent. And, if nothing else, it helps to know that shirts made for androgynous folk are now in existence and will someday be more easily acquired!

The name of the company describes the shirt exactly: it hides my curves without creating a more masculine shape than I want. The bottom comes out to accommodate hips but not in a way that’s at all noticeable. l’m certainly not a shirt construction expert, nor can I account for all the body-types other than my own — but from the way it feels I can tell they’ve done their research on the needs of androgynous people with curves. To top it off, their shirts feature contrasting inner collars, sleeves, and buttonhole thread. All their collars allow ties. Some people may find the colors in their current collection “feminine,” but you know how crazy I go over colorful menswear.

I also appreciate that they button on the right side like men’s shirts. Many dry cleaners charge sometimes up to 3 times as much for women’s shirts, so this will save you money. Pretttty cray. Also, these days maids aren’t expected to dress their Victorian mistresses, so it’s not really necessary to keep the left-side button practice.

Androgynous shirt

This Crisp White Magenta shirt and 4 other colors are available at in sizes S-XL. I hope all the dissatisfied andros get the experience of trying on one of these babies at least once. For now, they are only available online, but offer free shipping and free returns. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates on their growing color and size options.

Thanks, Androgyny!

- Sonia