Announcement: Fit For a Femme Joins Our Team!

As Qwear has grown from just me to a full team of quexperts (still working on that one) and with questions and submissions coming in daily from all around the world, I haven’t stopped looking for gaps in our content.

Where all the femmes at, yo??

I know femmes read Qwear — who wouldn’t want to browse daily eye candy and get inspiration for dressing your boo — but they haven’t necessarily seen it as a space for them. I want to change that. 

I mean, I’m no femme (whhhhhatttt?), but I never intended for Qwear to be an exclusively masculine/ androgynous blog. Femme inclusivity in queer spaces is something I don’t take lightly! I recognize that femmes need a queer fashion space too, and that they have their own identities and sub-identities that interact with fashion in unique ways. (Yes, femmes can be genderqueer!) Not to mention how many people out there are gender fluid and wear dresses and bow ties interchangeably. Now, just a note, that I totally love, respect, and read blogs that focus on queers in menswear. But from the very beginning, I intended for Qwear to include more gender presentations, and I still care about that.

So to kickoff the start of an even more amazing community and get more of our beloved femmes onto the screen, I’ve invited a VERY SPECIAL FEMME (VSF) to join our team. Please give a warm welcome to my fashion hero, my good friend; she’s an incredible writer, stylist, an all around good human, Fit For a Femme. I’m gushing, but who wouldn’t…

Fit For a Femme on Qwear

FFAF will be answering your femmewear related qwearies (as well as others too, she’s a Jill of All Trades) and blogging from time to time on interests of her own. If you have any special requests for her, send it our way

FFAF and I have already done a ton of projects together, including

So submit your questions, submit your photos, submit your guest articles, because femmes are here to stay! Oh, and if you aren’t already, make sure to follow FFAF to see more tips and outfits at, and on Facebook and Tumblr. Looking forward to hearing more from all of you soon.