Qweary: Casual Wedding Attire

Anonymous asked: "Any clothing advice for a short waisted, big hipped queer to wear for their wedding?

"We're planning a casual, outdoor ceremony/reception and all we can think of to wear are bow ties and Converse. (Because we're Whovian geeks) We only have 116 days to plan and this is one thing I have pretty much no idea on!"

First off, congrats! When I hear casual, I think of chinos. Trade in your Chuck Taylor’s for a pair of oxfords, add in a bow tie (keeping with the Dr. Who theme), and maybe some suspenders (and by maybe I mean yes, yes suspenders). Play up the colors and patterns for that extra flair. See what Sonny did last winter!

As a fellow big hipped queer (I love that phrasing!), I understand how difficult it is to find pants that fit well. With that said, I get all of my pants tailored. Buy pants that either fit or are too big in the waist and hip (a tailor can’t add fabric where there is none). Everything else can be hemmed, tapered, taken in, etc. Good luck, and congrats again!