Qweary: What Does "Structured" Clothing Mean?

Anonymous asked: "As a short, boxy-shaped person, I have heard that 'structured' clothes would be considered more flattering on me.

"As a style-challenged person I'm not sure what is actually meant by a structured look. Any thoughts? My dress sense leans more towards masculine and punk/skater, but I'm trying to get beyond wearing skinny jeans and oversized t-shirts."

“Structure” is a fancy word for the specific build/fit of your clothing. Skinny jeans and oversized shirts have no structure. Clothing with structure includes: button downs, vests, blazers, chinos, dress pants (or slacks), and some jackets.

If you want to have more structure in punk/skater, look at some black pants (instead of skinny jeans) and a studded jean jacket. These will add crisp lines (or, “structure”) to your outfit and still fit your style. You could also rock some button-up cut offs, too, to show off your awesome arms.

Cover photo: tealwoodpublishing.com