Ashley Yielding: The Southern Androgynous Internet Sensation

I must admit, I’ve been stalking this chick for a while now. She’s probably the cutest androgynous girl I’ve ever seen, and her 100,000 followers on tumblr seem to agree. Her name is Ashley Yielding ( and though she may be too famous to bother with an interview, she agreed to letting me post these pictures. What’s her deal? She’s 22 (woot woot), she works at a law firm in Arkansas, and she’s in a relationship (sorry ladies). What do I have to offer other than supplying you with her fashion inspiration? My outlook on why her fashion efforts are so successful:

1. She wears clothes that fit her body type. It just so happens that her body type is already androgynous, so she can get away with things like low-rise jeans. I wouldn’t be caught dead trying it myself, unless, say, I was performing in a hip hop music video.

2. She’s committed to her style. She’s not afraid to go all out, whether she’s doing the sailor outfit, street smart swag, or decked out hipster. When you try to hold back from going too far with an outfit, ask yourself this: is it because you’re afraid people will laugh at you, or because you genuinely want to keep it subtle? 

3. She’s not afraid to look like Justin Bieber. Us lesbians, we sometimes look like Justin Bieber. Get used to it.

I don’t know where she got all her clothes, other than that the white belt and striped shirt are from Urban Outfitters.

Thanks for letting me use your pictures Ashley, and I hope to see you on “The Real L Word” soon!