Asian Menswear Brand Options for Petites

Tired of the boys’ section? Asian menswear is another great option to consider.

Due to Asian MAAB’s being generally smaller, Asian menswear tends to be sized smaller all over, including in the chest and hips. So if you are petite but curvy, you will probably have better luck buying international/US and getting a tailor to alter accordingly. In general, I would recommend Asian menswear for queerfolk with slimmer builds or who are less curvy. That being said, the rule of “fit shoulders and hips, the rest can be tailored to fit” still applies.

 Padded Vest, at  YesStyle  for $98

Padded Vest, at YesStyle for $98

For those who don’t live in Asia or speak any of their languages, there are some setbacks. Many Asian designers run small businesses, or just prefer to make sales out of storefronts, and thus do not ship internationally. If you ever find yourself in Asia, the best thing you could do for your wardrobe is to spend a little time doing some research and shopping around.

As for buying Asian menswear online, I find that a lot of websites tend not to be in English. Here are some sites that are in English and ship internationally:

UNIQLO: Japanese brand, does good quality preppy casuals and basics

RAOUL: European styling, on the expensive side but very lush fabrics. Currently no mens clothes available for online purchase, but here is a list of  retailers. Asian style menswear, many popular brands

Saku Japan: Similar to YesStyle, has an office in Brooklyn, NY

Domanchi: Singaporean label, makes both casual and workwear

store.uktsc.comSuits in Asian sizes, website in Japanese and English


MEN Made In Japan Slim Fit Jeans, by UNIQLO for $120.52

I have bought UNIQLO and Domanchi clothing from their brick and mortar stores and can personally recommend these brands.


Plain Athletic Jersey Jacket, at for for $212.78

You might have noticed that there seems to be a strong Korean/Japanese fashion influence in much of Asian menswear, and that will be reflected in what is available for order online. The general style tends to be less dapper and more “street” fashion. A notable exception is menswear from Thailand, which can lean towards being very preppy. Presently, I have no links to Thai websites in English that ship internationally, so if you know of any, please let us know!


Men Slim Hooded Coat, at Saku Japan for $58.50

Bespoke Tailoring

Don’t know where to go on your next long haul holiday? Might I suggest taking a trip to Bangkok, Hong Kong, or Shanghai? There are many tailors in these cities that are very good at what they do, and they generally do it for a lower price. If you’re going to be there on holiday anyway, you may as well get some shirts made. Avoid shops that proclaim “3 suits for the price of 1, plus free tie!” and try to go with someone who speaks the local language, if at all possible.

Happy shopping!

Thanks to the anonymous reader who encouraged us to do this post! - Sonny

By guest blogger, Rien