Bing Selected for Top 10 in TSBmen Giveaway [Polls Closed]

Note from Sonny: Qwear is proud to announce that our writer Bing was selected for the top 10 in the TSBmen August Menswear Giveaway!

This is their first first competition open to all genders. Make sure to vote for Bing here. See below for more about her outfit:

I'm 23 going on 24, I live in the attic of a renovated garage, and I spend the majority of my days reading research articles and studying because a Bachelor's Degree in psychology should really just be referred to as "pre-graduate school." What does it all mean? I live my life on a budget. I shop clearance sections, online auctions, and local thrift stores as if my life depended on it, because my sanity does. I've been very lucky in my attempts and have been on the receiving end of some gorgeous gifts from our sponsors and therefore have been asked to share with you my most recent budget-based look.

Photo Credit: Ryan Austin Fryoüx

Shirt: Express 1MX (Via = $10 (Original price $59.90)
Vest: Topman (Via Nordstrom Rack) = $40 (Original price $75)
Suit: Mossimo (Via Goodwill) = $7.99 (Original price approx. $40)
Necktie: Envoy (Via  Goodwill) = $1.99 (Original price approx. $15)
Shoes: Stacy Adams (Via Plato’s Closet) = $20 (Original price $120)
Total outfit price= $ 79.98 vs. $309.90

Break hearts, not wallets.

Ashleigh Bingham better known as “Bing, ”creator of I Dream of Dapper, is a dapperwear Tumblr style icon. She contributed to popularizing the long-haired "queer pomp" and is known for her daring pattern mixing, complimentary rich colors, lapel pins, wild thrift finds, variety in neckwear (featured in her "50 Days of Dapper" project), & ability to write about Harry Styles. In the past, Bing has contributed to Autostraddle, and has been featured on DapperQ, S Moda, HudsonBuzzfeed, and included in the top 10 of a national menswear online competition. With a tendency to mix fashion with satire, Bing aims to explore fashion as a tool for self-expression rather than an industry.