Blake In Brooks Brothers Part 3: Business Suit

Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, this is the only business like suit that I own. Most of the time I can make do with suit separates, but it’s always great to have this Red Fleece suit in the closet.

Made more approachable by its slimmer lines and natural shoulders, Red Fleece suits are that much better because they come in a variety of both classic and trendy patterns. In addition, and most important to me, the suit blazer and trousers are sold separately-allowing someone like me with a larger base than top to achieve a better fit.  


Navy Blue Suit (From their Red Fleece line) (actual top, actual bottoms) $358 | $140
Regent Fit Spread Collar Button Down (similar) $92
Repp Stripe Socks (similar) $14
Medallion Cap toes (same), though I’ve polished mine to be a bit more burnished $428
Belt (same) $98
Four-pattern Pocket Square (similar) $45

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Blake is a graduate student in the Midwest studying higher education. She draws inspiration from the southern prep style, particularly the style at her undergraduate institution at the University of Virginia. Her current wardrobe largely consists of basic pieces in natural fabrics, simple colors, and carefully tailored fits. Blake is interested in adapting classic, well-composed style to queer masculine-of-center bodies of any size.