Blake's Thrifting Success

Leave it to Blake to dress amazingly dapper for $75 total (price break-down below.) Both the tie and the shoes in this outfit were thrifted; other items grabbed on sale.

If you live or work near a thrift store, try going in regularly and scanning the shoes and accessories. Once in a while, a real treasure will emerge for you to grab. If the shoes are worn down, you can get them refurbished and looking brand new. Put This On goes over all the valuable secrets in refurbishing shoes in their A Tale of Two Shoes post.

plus sized lesbian fashion
plus sized lesbian fashion
plus sized lesbian fashion

Shirt: Ralph Lauren, on sale for $20
Cardigan: Tommy Hilfiger, on sale for $20
Tie: Thrifted, Goodwill $1
Jeans: Old Navy for $15
Belt: Levi’s for $15
Shoes: Vintage Church’s, thrifted for $4 (DEAL OF THE CENTURY! $300 SHOES FOR $4)

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