Submission: Paisley Blazer

Blazer: Ted Baker, Oram Paisley printed blazer, women’s
Shirt: Moss Bros, men’s, (purchased in store, only wing collar left in my size, unpackaged, taken off the mannequin)
Tie: Moss Bros, Covent Garden Black Paisley self tie, men’s
Trousers: Zara, women’s
Shoes: Clif Paris, women’s
Bracelet, and Earrings: gifted by my grandmother

Submitted by Kate:

Kate says: “This is what I wore for our college ball on Saturday night. It was a back tie event and the theme was loosely ‘Vive Verseille’ so I wanted something that nodded towards that, which I felt the paisley patterns did, and that was brighter and more cheerful than my regular evening suit to keep up with the girls’ gorgeous dresses. I’m really pleased with what I achieved here and I spent the evening feeling super confident and smooth. I can’t wait to have another opportunity to wear this outfit. Also I can’t recommend Moss Bros highly enough to UK queers, they’ve given me excellent service every time I’ve been in.”

Submit, ‘Mos