Boots Boots Boots

Anonymous asked: I really like boots, but there are so many styles to choose from. I just can’t find the right ones. Can you help me please?

If by help you mean show you lots of pretty pictures of boots, yes, yes I can. I recommend you freeze your bank account before continuing. 

1. Nina Brown Distressed Boots, available at Boohoo for £15.00

2. Black Original Tall Classic Boot by Hunter, available at My Wardrobe for $130

3. “Peter 2” Brown Boots, available at Topman for $170

4. J. Crew Men’s Boots(source:

5. Clarks Originals Nubuck Desert Boots, on sale at ASOS for $77.88

6. Womens Bean Boots, available at L.L. bean for $89

7. Lady Rad Boot in Salmon, available at Modcloth for $39.99

8. Timberland 6 Inch Premium Womens Boots, available at Infinity Shoes for $124.95

9. Merrell Wilderness Collection, one of which is on sale at David Z. for $99 (source: