Boots For Bigger Feet!

Anonymous asked: "I am a bigger girl, who normally dresses more femme with hints of masculine.

"I really want to wear boots but I don’t know where to look for ones that aren’t too butch but not horribly girly. I have found a few but they don’t fit. Side note, I have huge feet. If you have any suggestions I would be so happy."

Howdy there! I have two pairs of Clark desert boots and a pair of Duck boots from L.L. Bean. I wear about a 9 in men’s and a 10/11 in women’s — so my feet are far from small. Combat boots don’t fit me well — my feet are too wide for most varieties. If you really want to wear combat boots and have wide feet like me, men’s are your best bet. While they are more expensive, they will fit you better. However, be careful with men’s combat boots — they get big and clunky reallll quick. Below are my picks for boots. Hope this helps!


Oakwood Suede Clarks desert boots-$109.99, available in a slew of colors and materials


L.L. Bean duck boots, 6 inch, $119 available in various heights (6in, 8in, etc) and colors


Blake is a graduate student in the Midwest studying higher education. She draws inspiration from the southern prep style, particularly the style at her undergraduate institution at the University of Virginia. Her current wardrobe largely consists of basic pieces in natural fabrics, simple colors, and carefully tailored fits. Blake is interested in adapting classic, well-composed style to queer masculine-of-center bodies of any size.