Boyfriend Style Inspiration

friendlyneighborhoodgay asked: "I’ve fallen in love with a pair of Naked and Famous jeans (specifically the red weft selvedge denim. It’s part of the current raw denim trend), but my problem is that they’re guy’s jeans. I don’t really dress in an androgynous way (I’m 5’1, size 8 pants, 37-38 inch chest to give an idea), so I’m not entirely sure how I’d make these work. Any suggestions?"

Red Weft Selvedge jeans, available at Naked and Famous

Interesting dilemma. Those jeans are pretty awesome looking. Menswear is so what you make of it. The whole idea around “boyfriend” clothes is that you take it and make it feminine. It’s partly about what you decide to pair it with, and partly just your attitude.

So, buy the jeans. I mean, try them on if you haven’t. And make sure you love them just as much on your person as you do on the model wearing them. And then pair it with some of your more feminine things. If you were to take inspiration from the boyfriend jeans trend, you might roll it up a little extra to make it look like it’s supposed to be too big, and wear it with flats or heels.

Now, queers. I’m not saying that I support the whole boyfriend clothing trend in all its heterosexism and gendered antics. But the trend gives a really interesting point; that you can wear masculine clothes in a way that will bring out your femininity. On the flip side, the fact that boyfriend clothes exist is really nice for queers who actually want to dress androgynous and have clothes made for their bodies that can help them do that. Some brands, like Gap, are starting to just call it “boy fit,” which I find a lot more queer friendly. There were soooo many pictures to choose from, but here are a few examples I like. More on Pinterest.




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