Bright Comfy Clothing for Winter Finals

Hey students, finals are approaching!

Have you not left your dorm room in a week in a desperate attempt to memorize the difference between Basalt and Gabbro rocks? I've taken inspiration from my coworker’s tomboy style, the Durimel twins. and what celebrities wear on their days off for some cram period style ideas. If there’s one thing I learned from college, it’s that dressing well boosts your confidence, and that can translate to better grades.

The most comfortable loungewear on earth, sweatpants are great for studying. Your can rep your school with some athletic ones, or if you’re more in the fashion look, ASOS has great options.


Who has time to style their hair during finals? You can throw on a cap and not miss a minute of studying. I love bright beanies, like this one from Nef:


Or you can go for a dapper cap. Forever 21 has some awesome choices that won’t look like they’re swallowing your head:

Secret Rebel Baseball Cap, Forever 21, $8.80

Secret Rebel Baseball Cap, Forever 21, $8.80

Sweatshirts, another staple. But, where to go? H&M is an obvious choice. Your school store with  is another option, though they are probably overpriced. But, have you met Uniqlo? The place with cheap basics that also run small enough for a petite modern day queer? They have $20 sweatshirts in every color with adorable athletic crew neck designs. And again, GO BRIGHT! I mean, god, it’s finals. Studying is dreadful enough without boring clothes.

Men’s sweat long sleeve shirt, $19.90 at Uniqlo 

If you haven't already, I recommend investing in a warm pair of chunky socks. See J.Crew and Smartwool. These might look surprisingly good under your sneakers:

For sneakers like these, check out Nike.

If it's too snowy, Timberlands will also last you many-a winters and look rad with your casual studying attire.

Add a button-up under that sweater will make for nice layering. Try denim to keep it casual and provide a little stretch:

Oversized coats. You just kinda throw it over everything when you jet out to grab more waffles from the cafeteria. (With fruit on top, of course.)

Don’t forget that lots of stores have student discounts, sometimes up to 20% off! Make sure to search for the student deals, because sometimes they aren’t advertised prominently on the site. 

Good luck!

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