Choosing the Right Harness

Brought to you by Adam and Eve

There are so many fracken harnesses out there and it can be hard to narrow it down. And LEZBEHONEST it can be quite distracting to browse a sex toy website. So queers, minus the scandalous pictures, here’s the deal. There are 3 types of harnesses:

Thong harness: Worn just like a thong. One strap runs between the legs and then wraps around the hips. This is a great option for folks who are used to wearing thongs or are looking for dual penetration like the vibrating dual harness offers. But you want anal stimulation at the same time, this is a no-good because the strap will be in the way. 

Panty Style: A panty style harness is worn more like underwear and comes in varying styles such as bikini, hip hugger, and boy shorts. These harnesses are the most comfortable, but actually provide the least amount of control over the attached toy. Once again, these are not a good choice for someone looking to involve anal play.

Two-strap: The two-strap style harness is the most popular style and is worn by stepping into the two straps and pulling them up around your hips. This harness will give you excellent control of the toy and will allow you to receive pleasure from either end.

OK, now for materials
Adam and Eve’s harnesses come in leather, nylon, and fabric. Leather is the most durable and comfortable, and looks pretty sexy. Unless you’re vegetarian or can’t afford it. Fabric is cheaper and washable, but likely to rip. If you’re looking for the cheapest option, go for the nylon.

Interchangeable options
You’ll also need to think about whether you want it to be interchangeable or not. Getting a harness with interchangeable O-rings will allow you to swap out toys. This makes it great for sharing and for providing variety. If you’re a one stop shop kind of queer or intend to be the only wearer of the toy, a fixed set will be work great.

Safety is Sexy!
And as always, be sure to clean your toys after use, especially if you’re sharing them. Check out this sex toy cleaning guide to make sure you’re caring for your toys correctly.

If this is your first time using a strap on, don’t sweat it. Getting the hang of a strap on, the wear, the rhythm and the use, can take some time, so just keep playing until you get it! 

Never bought a sex toy before? Adam and Eve are great about privacy. You could order a different vibrator a month at your parents’ house, and they’d never know. Neither would your credit card company.

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