Clubbing... Ahhhh!

"A few of my feminine friends asked me to go clubbing with them, and I have no idea what to wear. I’m not comfortable wearing girly party/clubbing clothing (whatever that means), nor am I comfortable wearing something super masculine.

"I want something kind of in the grey, androgynous zone, with a very slight lean towards femininity. Thank you!!"

Everyone seems to think of clubbing as a big scary endeavor that is completely separate from every other part of life and requires you to wear different clothes or even project a more charming and outgoing persona. I’ve gotten questions from a few nervous clubbers who aren’t trusting their instincts in what to wear.

But the truth is that clubbing is just like anything else you do for fun with your friends. So dress the way you would for any night out, keeping in mind that whatever layers you have are going to get ripped off once you’re breaking it down.

Or do this:

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