Combating Waist/Hip Ratio Issues in Men's Pants

theblueandthewhite asked: "When looking for pants, should I concentrate on the way the hips fit or the way the waist fits? I am generally a 24 in women’s stuff, but I have the big hips/butt situation as well."

Where are you considering your waist? Generally nowadays, most folk don’t fasten their pants around their actual waists, but more around their hips. Or if you’re a sagger, it can go even lower. In vintage clothing however, men’s and women’s pants are both worn higher up, around the hips or on the hips, even creeping up toward the actual waist. Currently styles in women’s pants are also shifting upward, with most brands favoring midrise rather than lowrise. So you should gauge the fit around where you want your pants to sit!

Every brand also structures their styles differently; so trying on a bunch of styles will be beneficial. Men’s dress pants and trousers also are generally cut in such a way that the hips and butt are less structured, as compared jeans. So those could be less tedious to go through to find some that fit fantastically. You’ll also perhaps have luck with Boyfriend fit women’s pants.

I really like Pacsun, American Eagle, and Levi’s. Sometimes H&M can have some fantastic pants too, and if there’s a Topman around, that’s definitely worth checking out. All have lots of variety in their fit styles, so just find something that works for you! See Guy’s Pants and Fit for Qwear recommended jeans brands. 

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