Currrrrrls Part 1 with Raimi and Lee

I hunted down some queer hair experts who are the most adorable and can help answer all your hair questions! Enjoy!  Sonia p.s. If Lee looks familiar to you, it’s because, bow ties.

Que(e)ry #1: Currrrrrls, Part 1


We are Raimi & Lee: your hair consultants/fairy godqueers. We’re here to answer all of your hair que(e)ries and conundrums. We’ve got nine years of hair cutting experience between us. We’re not professional barbers  we’re queerer than that. We love making other queers look fabulous. Where possible, we use photos and examples of real people with gaymazing hair. 

queer hairstyles

So. Folk got lots of questions about curly hair. How to cut it; how to style it; what products to use: lots of questions! We love curls. Curly hair differs drastically from person to person depending on hair thickness, tightness of curls, and how your hair falls. Since we had so many questions about curls, we’ll start specifically with shorter cuts and styles, and we’ll cover longer styles next time!

Here are some short curly hairdids we <3. Play with these for how they would look with YOUR hair!

Curly (faux) hawk*:

Curly (faux) hawk

Another take on a queer classic. The faux hawk is a versatile style in which the sides & back of the hair are shorter than the hair on top of the head.

Curly Mohawk*:

Mohawks are a punk classic in which the hair on the sides of the head is trimmed shorter—leaving a longer sunburst silhouette on the top and back.

Curly Mohawk

(Rhianna source:


The Chelsea is a bold ‘do where the hair on the sides, back, and top, is trimmed short; leaving a longer bang in the front of the face. POW! The bangs are often very blunt and straight across the forehead. But don’t hesitate to experiment!

Chelsea haircut


Asymmetry is in. From undercuts, to bobs, & mullets: asymmetrical cuts are ubiquitous, fun, and a little subversive… SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!

Asymmetrical haircut


Jazz Age Realness:

jazz age short curly haircut

For those endowed with luscious curls, dive into the history books for some inspiration! One of our favorite fashion eras is the Jazz Age.

Forget the fingerwaves and pin curls of old; you have the curls! Cut and styled into a short bob, and then you’ve got that flapper realness. A great option for short curly hairstyle that is boyish & femme ALL AT THE SAME TIME!


You know your hair best. Curly hair often has a mind of it’s own, so create your own cut (or have a friend or knowledgeable-about-curls stylist do it for you) that works with the particular way your curls fall.

DIY curly hair
DIY curly hair

*Hair has meaning. Some hairstyles and language describing them is culturally significant. If you’re wearing a hairstyle that is not from your own cultural background (as is often the case for people wearing “mohawks”), it might be useful to think about cultural appropriation. If you want to understand more, check out this.


Go ahead. Ask the experts!