Danish Graduation Dance Outfit

You never know when you might find yourself sneaking into a Danish Graduation Dance — but when you do, this is the outfit for it.

(Seriously, I got you covered. No problem.) 

Elena is from Northern California but doing an exchange student year in Silkeborg, Denmark. She writes, ”Needed something formal looking to sneak into ‘Lancier’ a Danish graduation dance performance. I didn’t have a ticket, and needed to look like I was one of the graduating students. I couldn’t find a dress I liked, but tuxes are pretty acceptable during formals for girls here, though I was the only one this year.”

I am now interested in hearing more about this Danish culture of women in tuxes, so talk to me Danes! I know you’re out there! *Creepy Face*

Button-up: Thrift shop, Levi’s
Tie: Merona, bought at Target
Vest: Local Tuxedo shop (used)
Pants: Christmas gift, from Pieces (Danish chain store)
Shoes: Vans

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