Dapper Summer Outfit

I was hella digging this Queer Bois submission, so I found the New York cutie and asked her what she was wearing.

Also another fantastic example of mixing black and brown.

Sunglasses: “dude sellin’ sunglasses on the street”
Shirt: Seersucker Unisex shirt, American Apparel, bought at Warehouse Store on 6th Ave. (American Apparel only has XXS left; ASOS has all sizes)
Bow Tie: Century 21
Belt: H&M mens
Shorts: Old Navy women’s skinny jeans she cut into shorts and rolled up
Boat Shoes: “One of those shoe stores on 14th street between 5th and 6th Ave.” Similar styles available at Topman.
Mail Bag: J. Peterman, “hand-me-down from my mom who used to work there”

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