Dapper Summer Outfit

I was hella digging this Queer Bois submission, so I found the New York cutie and asked her what she was wearing.

Also another fantastic example of mixing black and brown.

Sunglasses: “dude sellin’ sunglasses on the street”
Shirt: Seersucker Unisex shirt, American Apparel, bought at Warehouse Store on 6th Ave. (American Apparel only has XXS left; ASOS has all sizes)
Bow Tie: Century 21
Belt: H&M mens
Shorts: Old Navy women’s skinny jeans she cut into shorts and rolled up
Boat Shoes: “One of those shoe stores on 14th street between 5th and 6th Ave.” Similar styles available at Topman.
Mail Bag: J. Peterman, “hand-me-down from my mom who used to work there”

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As Qwear's Founding Editor, Sonny’s work centers around envisioning a future in which the clothing people wear does not dictate their chances of survival. Sonny was awarded 2015 dapperQ of the Year and was the first trans blogger to be sponsored by Topman. In March 2016, Sonny spoke at South by South West's first official queer fashion panel.