DapperQ's R/Evolution was NYFW's largest LGBTQIA+ Runway Show, Ever

DapperQ shook up NYFW with their largest LGBTQIA+ runway show in history last Thursday.

Their 4th annual fashion show, this years theme was R/Evolution – “In defiant resistance to the attacks being waged against our community and our stylish unified resistance against those attacks.”

Upon entering the grand Brooklyn Museum, it is very easy to be overwhelmed by all the beauty of the architecture and art itself. The show itself was stationed on the 3rd floor and seamlessly mixed together fine art, clothing vendors, runway, and refreshments. I enjoyed last year's show greatly, and this year I was again impressed by the professionalism and great set design/ lighting. As a fashion week show producer myself, I know the in’s and out’s of producing memorable shows. Organization, talent, sound, atmosphere and other elements, all contribute to the success of large scale shows. I was happy to see again this year that dapperQ did not come to play.

The room was filled with different people in all shapes, colors and forms. Many standing on the outskirts and distinguished guests seated alongside the runway. This year's show was very special to me as many of my Cis, Trans, and GNC POC brothers and sisters were walking the show (Major shoutouts to B. Hawk, Ericka Hart, Devin Norelle, Jari Jones & Corey Kempster) I spotted them instantly and gave my blessing to them all before the show started.

This season’s line up of designers were very impressive. I noted that this year the designers seemed more diverse than last, and all had their distinct style and stories. I found something to love about each line, even if I couldn’t imagine myself in the clothes. My top designers were Audio Helkuik, By Nicole Wilson, Sir New York, Stuzo, and the genius collaboration of  TomboyX x Clear Coated, as the clear coated rain coats worked perfectly to display the tomboyX unisex underwear that worked with every body type

The show ran over an hour, which was a bit on the exhausting side, but the designs were so fresh that it didn’t feel overkill. Booking so much talent meant sacrificing an intermission halfway through the show as well as each designer doing a collection walk after their line and not just all together at the end. To top off an exciting evening, show producer Anita Dolce Vita gave me a surprise runway walk as a special guest at the end. It is that spirit of queerness that separates this show from the rest of the traditional, prestigious, and quite frankly–boring NYFW shows that I have come to dread attending. Overall I am proud of everyone who had a hand in and was apart of producing a great show. There is a market for gender non conforming clothing and I am glad brands like dapperQ are helping to showcase this to the world.

 Stav Strashko for  TomboyX  +  Clear Coated

Stav Strashko for TomboyX + Clear Coated

 Jari Jones for  Audio Helkuik

Jari Jones for Audio Helkuik

 Nicole Wilson

Nicole Wilson

 Marcia Alvarado for  Nicole Wilson

Marcia Alvarado for Nicole Wilson

 B. Hawk Snipes for  Kris Harring

B. Hawk Snipes for Kris Harring

 Devin-Norelle for  Stuzo

Devin-Norelle for Stuzo

 Ericka Hart for  The Tailory

Ericka Hart for The Tailory

 The Tailory

The Tailory

 Mojo Disco, surprise guest of honor

Mojo Disco, surprise guest of honor

Photography by Marquis Facey. Please write "Photo credit: Marquis Facey for Qwear" when sharing photos.