Dear New York Followers... See you on Friday!

This is really exciting. Like, the most exciting. Like, put on your best bow tie and dance alone in your room to Beyonce for an hour exciting.

dapperQ’s Hot Rabbit - Queer Dance Party - Fashion Week Addition’s party was postponed to this Friday, Feb 15th due to the snow storm. And guess what queer will be in town?? 


THIS GUY. That’s me. You know, the queer who blogs for you like all the time. That’s my face. Along with the folks at dapperQ, Rae of The Handsome Butch, Marimacho, and many more! There will be prizes for the best dressed (i.e. not your shoveling clothes. I mean, what?)

Here are the deets (to RSVP, click HERE):
Friday Feb 15 @ The Monster (Downstairs)
80 Grove St (W 4th/7th Ave)
Sponsored by dapperQ
More info here

See you there!! Come find me! - Sonny