Diminishing Curves With Menswear

Anonymous asked: "I am trying to create a much more gender neutral look for myself and am having a hard time because I am moderately chubby with distinctly feminine curves.

"I can’t do the skinny jeans + button down because it just accents those curves. If I go too baggy I just look like a slob who doesn’t care what she’s wearing. I’ve even tried wearing a binder with poor luck. Is there any sort of outfit that would diminish or obscure my curves but is still cute and comfy? Thank you!"

I have the exact same problem. I find that women’s V-neck sweaters look good with just about any bottom (jeans, khakis) for a nice fall look. I just bought a Tommy Hilfiger sweater with a vintage varsity look to it. Their sweaters tend to be very gender neutral and can be worn over a button up or a crew neck T-shirt (I recommend buying their merchandise from an outlet mall — it is much less expensive).

For a comfortable summer look, try a men’s short sleeve button down with khaki shorts or pants. It won’t hug your mid section and comes to a nice stop just below the waist. Men’s V-necks are simple but stylish. In addition, they have an element of androgyny. Also, if you don’t like the way that your jeans fit, try men’s jeans or khakis. Men’s jeans come in many varieties (women’s jeans tend to come in tight and less tight) such as slim that will look much less gendered. Tommy Hilfiger also has some flat front chinos. Here are some pieces for outfit ideas!

Ivy Argyle V Neck Cotton Sweater, available at Tommy Hilfiger for $68

Striped V Neck Sweater, available at Tommy Hilfiger for $69.99

Men’s Patterned Slim-Fit Shirts, available at Old Navy for $19.94

Men’s Slim-Fit Jeans, on sale at Old Navy for $22.00

Men’s Classic V-Neck Tees, on sale at Old Navy for $7.00

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