Dismantle Me Premiere At Queer Fashion Week in Oakland, Sat Apr 19

Qwear is presenting our first fashion line, Dismantle Me, at Queer Fashion Week in Oakland on Sat Apr 19th.

Directed by Rupi and designed by both of us, Dismantle Me will document the vibrant interaction between traditional fashion aesthetic and the queer experience. We are excited to work with our friends Lexi and Ryley on the runway (Ryley also contributes to Qwear), as well many other talented models who applied to be a part of our show.

The Queer Fashion World has grown in the past several years to be much more one show with a few designers. It's expanded to really encompass so many identities, and I'm excited to document all the different forms of expression at the event.

You can buy tickets here for the whole week or just our show on Saturday, or fill out a volunteer form to get free tickets.

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Cover photo of Ryley Pogenksy at Whitney Day Events and DapperQ's This nā€™ That show in Brooklyn. Photo by Erica Camille Photography.