Dr. Martens Tobias: A Masculine But Not Too Rugged Boot

One of our readers shares their story about finding these gorgeous Dr. Martens Tobias for their girlfriend. Wonderful to hear from them, especially since I know how much you all love your boots:

"Hey gorgeous Queers! This is my sexy girlfriend Jennelle in her brand new Docs!!  We have been looking for new shoes for her for a really long time and we rarely buy anything for her. And even when we do, it’s usually second-hand. It felt really good to get these new shiny shoes for her because she works extremely hard and deserves them!  

Conveniently, we live in Portland, home of the Dr. Marten’s Headquarters. We went in and got great service and were able to get exactly what we wanted. We have a hard time finding shoes that work perfectly for her and her presentation; we wanted something strong and masculine without being overly rugged. And they had to be comfortable.  

So far we’re really pleased and I’m so happy to see the love of my life happy and comfortable in her sexy new boots! Here’s a link to the shoes if anyone’s interested.

She doesn’t have her own website, but we have a small catering business called Mint & Mirth and we love to make new friends in town (or visiting out-of-towners :)).”