Everlane: Soft, Luxurious, and Easy on the Wallet

I think we all secretly wish we could look as put-together in a plain white tee as Kim Stolz, or as fly in a soft pullover as we do in our bow ties and summer dresses. 

Everlane’s Men’s French Terry Sweatshirt in Slate (pictured above) is already becoming one of my staples. You can see and feel the quality when you put it on. A once frumpy style turned elegant and/or dapper, I can wear it around the house or dressed up. 

Just as Fit For a Femme’s exclaimed “Everlane has turned me into a girl who loves wearing t-shirts!” I’ve been turned into a queer who loves wearing casual basics. My Tommy Hilfiger Boy’s tees have served me well, but are not nearly as nice quality as Everlane’s XS tees, which they were also generous enough to send along for this piece:

everlane tee review

The Men’s Crew White

What makes this tee different from all other tees? Well, for one thing, you’ll never get a tee this nice for $15. For another, it’s incredibly soft, and they tested it on tons of people, ensuring the best fit for all. Every cycle, they make little adjustments based on reviews.

I showed off Everlane’s button-up and tote bag here. They recently came out with these switch-buckle belts with 4 interchangeable buckles. So basically it’s like 4 belts in one. Brills. Like many of you, I am sad that they discontinued their bow ties. But they told me during our chat that they want to master the basics before branching out too much. And I respect that. 

As a gift from them to you, whoever signs up through this here link: EVERLANE/QWEAR GIVEAWAY will get entered into a drawing to win $50 store credit. Now that’s TRULY luxurious.

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