Flattening Sports Bras

This article is now out of date. We have a more recent round-up here!

Anonymous asked: "Do you have any bra/sports bra recommendations?

"I find that sports bras that fit my (rather large) torso are not as tight as I’d like in the boob area, and normal bras, even t-shirt bras irritate me because they’re like 'here, world, let me present this stuff to you!' Do you know of any bras that just hold things in place inconspicuously?"

Under Armour Endure Sports Bra: Darla writes,”I am a lesbian with a HUGE bust and a very petite build, I have always had trouble hiding my bust to achieve a slightly more ‘butch’ look. I have found these sports bras made by under armor that work quite well. My real bra size is a 30DD (odd right?) but I buy the small C’s and they work quite well.I know a little on the pricey side but its a good investment and a good way to bind without injury.

Title Nine: I’ve heard several good reviews about Title Nine, but they discontinued the frog bra, which a lot of trans men loved. Autostraddle recommends their Booby Trap Sports Bra. Has anyone tried anything else from there?

I wear City Sports Under Armour Active Bras, but they don’t flatten me as much as I’d like.

Autostraddle has a huge list, but as it’s for everyone and not just boob-hiders, not all their notes mention the compression involved. They also recommend that you measure your boobs, but that’s the last thing I’d recommend for people with chest dysphoria. No need to put yourself through that sort of trauma; trying on sports bras will do just fine to figure out your size. Here’s what I found helpful (also prolled through the comments):

Champion Powersleek Sports Bra: Has a clasp so you can get a smaller size without having to pull it over your head.

Fila Sport Seamless Performance Sports Bra: Is seamless and will provide a smooth look under your shirt.

Freya: Lots of people say the love it, but none mention compression. Has anyone tried them?

Other tips:
Try getting a size too small.
Some people have recommended wearing two, others say that it’s not the best idea. Li commented on Autodtraddle’s post: “Two sports bras is not effective for reducing bounce and side-to-side motion (which a good sports bra will do), and it also makes it more difficult to breathe because your chest is constricted.” 

Let’s crack the code on the best sports bras to flatten! Please comment!

Also check this out for information on safe binding.