Gaymazing Summer Work Wear

I found this boy’s shirt in the men’s section of Goodwill for $5 and it’s really nice, like new, and fits astoundingly well! I don’t think I will have to do any alterations, but I may cut slits on the sides so the bottom fits over my hips better. Perfect for leaving the last button undone and tucking in.

I’m modeling it in an example for summer office-wear, since a lot of you have been asking about that! It would also go great with pocket square or vest.


Shirt: Arrow boys, bought at Goodwill
Tie: Vintage Brooks Brothers, borrowed from my dad
Watch: 666 Barcelona
Belt: Express (men’s)
Shorts: Old Navy “Women’s Perfect Khaki Bermudas”
Shoes: Bass ”Ely Gobi Suede”