Genderqueer Transmasculine and 16-Weeks Pregnant: What To Wear?

Hey, my friend Taan is going to join in, sharing with us androgynous fashion struggles and triumphs through pregnancy over the next several months. I’m super excited that Taan will be with us! I hope some of you will find it useful <3 — Sonny

Genderqueer Transmasculine and 16-Weeks Pregnant: What To Wear?

By Guest Blogger Taan

I am a genderqueer transmasculine androgynously dressing person.  I am also pregnant. Although I was not worried at first (because my clothes still fit) I knew wearing feminine maternity clothes does not fit my gender presentation.  So, I talked with one of my friends who struggled during her pregnancy with how to continue to wear androgynous styles in maternity clothes. In the end, she decided to wear the available feminine maternity clothes because it was important for her to look professional at work.  For me, I need to find a way to keep an androgynous clothing style throughout pregnancy. 

Typically, I navigate clothing by shopping in the boys and mens section of thrift and second-hand stores. I have grown particularly fond of 70s mens shirts. I am small on top, and current mens styles often are too big for me, or just do not fit well.  But, 70s mens shirts have saved the day. I love the color and pattern. They look good on me and hold up well.  As for trousers, I have sewing skills.  My focus is the waist, inseam (zipper-part), and backside.  I like a trouser that is a little bigger than my waist size, an inseam that is not too long, and a backside that fits well.  I often hem the length of the legs, as I am 5’2”.

Now, I am learning how to be a pregnant genderqueer androgynously dressing person.  I turned to a friend of mine who is also transmasculine. He had clothing that he was no longer wearing. He found shirts and trousers that are larger than I typically wear. The button down classy shirts will be good for dressing up. The jeans are one size larger than the trousers I typically wear.  It is the perfect size for my growing stomach.  For now, I have found just the solution.