Genderqueer Transmasculine and 26-Weeks Pregnant: What To Wear?

By Guest Blogger Taan

I am back 10 weeks later to share my latest fashion adventures. As a genderqueer transmasculine androgynously dressing person who’s 26 weeks pregnant, it is getting harder. My little one is ever growing, which means my stomach is too. I am noticeably pregnant. And, folks sure do love to talk to me.


Fertile Mind Women’s Maternity Belt, available at Amazon for $19.45

I have found two solutions to maintain my gender presentation the best I can with my current body shape: the Belly Belt for trousers and non-Western cuts for shirts. My days of fitting into my regular clothing are long over. But I didn’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe just for these few months — too expensive and not practical. A friend of mine recommended the Belly Belt. To my surprise, it is just the adaptation for me! A Belly Belt is an insert with an elastic band with a button on each side and a flap of material that hangs down. Since I can’t button my regular trousers, this elastic extends the waste. I can insert the Belly Belt buttons onto my trousers that I love and the fabric flap hangs down to cover the hole where the zipper is open. And, I get to wear what I want. In fact, I can wear another belt over it, and it covers the part that looks open. I can dress as casually or professionally as I want without spending any money.  


EaonPlus UNISEX Cotton BOHO Dashiki Shirt, available at Fashion Closet for £12.00

Second, non-Western shirts are a great answer for my androgynous style during pregnancy. In my work, there are days when I need to dress up. Non-Western shirts come in larger sizes and they are covered with colorful patterns, which I enjoy. These two adaptations are just the trick for my ever growing little one and my stomach. 

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