Genderqueer Transmasculine and 36-Weeks Pregnant: What to Wear?

By Guest Blogger Taan

I am nearing the end of my 40-weeks of pregnancy. I have loved many components but I’m also ready to regain my body. The little one is feeling very big these days and so is my belly. It amazes me how the tiny being inside me has grown so large. And, this is just the start!

Clothing is getting harder to manage these days. The belly belt no longer expands my pants waist enough. The shirts that had been long enough to cover my belly are too short.  The colorful non-Western cuts are even tight. So, now what?

I went back to a second-hand store. I found even longer shirts to cover my belly from the men’s section; T-shirts and long-sleeves. And, I went to the women’s section to find gender-neutral pants with an expandable waist. As I searched the aisles, I had no luck.  Then, I looked up and said to myself, “wow, look at these, perfect!” I pulled two pairs of pants from the rack and saw an elastic waist. When I looked back to where I had picked up these pants, I saw the sign, “maternity.” Pictures below! (Sonia adds: confirmation, Taan looks great in these!!)

transmasculine maternity pants
transmasculine maternity pants

After trying on the army-green cargo pants and the khaki corduroy pants, I thought, “wow, I can do this.” Both of the pants are maternity wear. The concession is comfort, flexibility, a little willingness to bend my gender presentation expectations; but not too much that I feel disconnected with myself.

Lastly, my favorite pair of overalls has done wonders. Between extending the shoulder straps and adding colorful fabric to expand the sides to fit my belly, I can continue to wear the overalls. This clothing choice is a particular favorite of my co-workers.

The moral… Have faith; there is a way to go through pregnancy maintaining your gender identity and presentation!

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