Guy's Pants and Fit

Anonymous asks: "I’m having a hard time finding guy’s pants that don’t have super long zipper at the fly. I guess they need extra room in the crotch, but on me, I end up looking like I’m wearing 'mom pants' (i.e. high waisted and not awesome cool-rise like I want). Can you suggest some brands?"

Jeans are about fit. Women’s and men’s jeans fit really differently, so even if you’re going for a men’s-jean look, you may find yourself rocking a totally NOT cool, masculine style. When wearing guy pants, you may have to sag a little bit. This may require experimenting with different sizes and inseams. Because guys sag their pants a bit, guy-jeans are made to give a bit in the crotch (except for extra-skinny and skinny). Again, jeans are about fits, cuts and washes. Pacsun has solid guy jeans (that are low rise, skinny, and come in colors!) on the cheap! Forever 21 also has well-made (read: thicker) denim. But the zipper length totally depends on the cut of the jean. Check out the sale racks of thrift stores and designer chains. Sometimes, they’ll have really cool (and strange) jeans on sale (like, maybe guys didn’t buy a pair because they were too low-rise, so you have the best opportunity to snatch them all up!). Best of luck!

Tonal Skinny Jeans, available at Forever 21 for $32.9

Sonny adds: Other female bodied folks have given good reports about Topman, Old Navy Chinos, GAPH&M, and Makeyourownjeans.comMarks and Spencer, and Levi’s

Where do y’all get guys pants?

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