Harridan Township, a Genderfree Online Department Store launches on Kickstarter

The queer suit company Saint Harridan, which provides suits and business clothes for masculine people beyond the standards of cis masculinity, is launching a revolutionary new online shopping experience called Harridan Township. 

Harridan Township will cary a wide range of styles around the gender spectrum but doesn't ask for one's sex or gender when signing up. Instead of two departments divided into men's and women's, they will have 5. They say, "We have worked for the past year to create a new sizing system that does not need to know your sex or gender, but is based on your body’s shape and size. Any person of any gender can shop anywhere in our store."

We're excited to see how this new venture expands our choices in queer fashion! Like their first launch, they are relying on community support for their new store.