Qweary: Jeans and a Black Jacket?

staletasteofrecycledair asked: "Hello! I have a black blazer (actually a boys' suit jacket that fits more like a blazer) that I usually wear with a femme-styled top and jeans, but I was wondering what colour of jeans works best with a black jacket.

"How to I make a nice-looking outfit without wearing jeans that clash with the black? Thanks!"

I think we’ve all been told to “not mix your blues & your blacks” at some point in our lives. I’m here to tell you that you have been mislead. Blues (even dark) accompany black very well and add dimension to the look. Often the best color of denim to mix with black blazers is a dark jean or raw denim. The darkness of the pant allows for the streamline effect to occur making the ensemble look more put together and a touch more professional as well. NOW, that does not mean that you can’t wear your favorite pair of worn jeans with it. By all means do so, worn jeans have commonly been combined with more professional jackets & tops in manymanystreet style photoshoots. Dyed denim is also a choice if you wish to bring in some color; all colors of dyed denim can be combined with a black blazer. So really, it all comes down to what kind of look you are going for: put together, comfortable, or fun and artistic?

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Cover photo via lookastic.com