High Waisted "Grandma" Shorts

Anonymous asked: "Is there any fashionable way to wear 'grandma' type shorts (the elastic, high waist wide legged kind)?

"they’re so darn comfortable but I’m afraid to wear them in public."


Miss Hootie Baby wearing high waisted shorts (from this post)

Things I love, pt. 1: high-waisted shorts. I personally don’t wear them, but I love/appreciate them sososo much. One thing I love about these shorts is their versatility. They’re casual, but you can also dress them up. They also show off your legs. As I’ve mentioned, I love legs.

Most of my friends rock high-waisted shorts with crop tops, crop tanks, front-tied button downs, etc. If you don’t mind, I would suggest emphasizing your waist to give your body some curves. My friends look super great in every type of shoe—heels, sandals, Nike’s, Converse’s, boots and flats. I don’t think one shoe is better or worse than the other; just wear something you’ll feel confident/sexy/hot/awesome in.

You could also go quasi-profesh, and pair the shorts with a little boy’s shirt, a blazer, oxfords, and some dangly necklaces. Or a chunky watch. Have fun!