Holdalls, Gym Bags, and Cute Duffles

I was at a party the other day and a gay boy walked in with the most fabulous kelly green holdall and I thought, omg I love it.

I’m going to do a holdall/duffle post. These are great if you want to impress that cute queer at the gym or are going on a weekend trip and have a medium amount of things to bring.

Bryson Gym Bag, available at J. Crew for $98

(source: formelle.tumblr.com)

Adidas Originals Holdall Bag, available at ASOS for $86.23

Bill Gym Bag Black, available at Bonobos for $119

Recycled-Sail seabags! Made from 100% recycled sail cloth, and customizable! Available at Resails for $159.

Kelly Green Duffle bag, available at Knockaround for $16. OR LEARN HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN JUST LIKE IT HERE.

(Source: sfaar.ee)

Weekender bag, available at Banana Republic for $225. Plus 25% off and free shipping.

Sexy. (source: gossip-dance.blogspot.com)

Ernest Alexander Red Duffle, available at Bonobos for $225

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