Holiday Style Survival Tips

Well, it's that time of the year again, folks! Seasons greetings, uncomfortable family gatherings, and hopefully some good food and merriment to round it all out. The season calls for a lot of different kinds of events, attended by a variety of people, and it can be a challenge to dress appropriately, while also feeling comfy during what can be a stressful time. We are here to give you some ideas on how to navigate all the things that come with your winter holiday experience.

Tip 1. You can be comfy and still be fancy.

There are plenty of ways today to feel like you could be lounging while still looking sharp as a tack. 

Everyone loves flannel, right? It's gender neutral and oh so cozy. Tartan flannel is going to be the most seasonal, but any color can be matched with a sweater, blazer, and some jewelry or neckwear to become the classiest comfort you've ever worn.


Chunky knits are another great way to add some seasonal flair while keeping your chill.


And of course, joggers like Sonny wore in their recent holiday shoot are still the hottest option for cool comfort.


Tip 2. Seasonal colors and details can be fun, and can provide conversation topics when things get weird.

Color options for most common American winter holidays:

Christmas: green and red

Hanukkah: blue and white

Kwanzaa: green, red, and black

General winter/holiday/fancy colors: white, silver, gold

You can easily add a pop of color to an outfit through accessories, or completely build your look off of a palette. Also consider scarves, neckwear, lapel pins, brooches, and other jewelry with holiday-specific iconography to have an easy talking point ("Look at this dreidel necklace/corn-patterned scarf/snowflake/reindeer thing I'm wearing isn't it GREAT").

Driedel cufflinks:

Driedel cufflinks:

Harvest corn pocket square:

Harvest corn pocket square:

Tip 3. When in doubt, dress up.

Lots of gatherings over the holiday season can be difficult to assess in terms of dress code. If you aren't sure what to wear, it's easier to err on the side of dressier rather than more casual. Worst case scenario, you'll just be the best dressed cat in the room.

Whether dressing up is your jam or something you try to avoid, here are some holiday trends to spark your imagination.

Velvet: A cold-weather fabric if ever there was one. Velvet never fails to dress up a look or piece of clothing, and is definitely on point over the winter holidays.

Ru (right) dressing up casual outfit with Topman velvet blazer. Photo by Sam Murray.

Ru (right) dressing up casual outfit with Topman velvet blazer. Photo by Sam Murray.

Glitter: Everyone loves a little sparkle! It instantly raises the level of your look, and calls back to the twinkle of streetlamps on snow.

(And here's a little love from Ru)

(And here's a little love from Ru)

Tartan: We've already talked about flannel, but tartan as a pattern is also often seen in holiday wear. It comes in oodles of colors, but red is usually the most common. 

Tip 4. Find a way to be yourself.

It can be hard to face family and feel like you have to fulfill certain expectations, anywhere from what you're wearing to where you are in life. Even if you have that pressure, find some way to express yourself in your clothing. Something small can still make a world of difference in how you feel, especially in the face of folks who might be less accepting. No matter what anyone says, it's your body, your identity, your life. Represent yourself, even in something only you can see, so you have something to remind you in tough moments.

Have a great holiday!

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Cover photo: Flickr user Juliana Coutinho