How To Find Women's Suits In That Perfect Color

Kelly asked: "I'm having the hardest time finding a french blue suit (like the color here:  to the darker here.) 

"I can't seem to find any for women in my go-to shopping locations (JCrew, Banana Republic, etc). Everyone seems to carry a very deep navy, and that's not what I'm interested in. Thoughts or suggestions? It definitely has to be a women's cut (boobs, man) but I'm afraid I've exhausted all possible options."

This vibrant French Blue color would make the perfect suit, but as you've noticed, it's difficult to find in women's. It's not considered "professional" by the corporate world and the industry typically only creates women's suits for professional settings. I also had no luck finding this color suit in women's (readers, please comment if you have any!) 

This means that we're left with various tailoring options, which, unless you happen to live in Thailand, might be pricey.

The most affordable option is to find a men's suit of this color at a thrift store that's big on you, then bring it to a tailor and have them fit it to you.

The next, more expensive option, are online bespoke suit makers like Black Lapel. I'm not sure how similar you find this Spanish Blue suit to be, but you can simply put in your measurements and have them create a men's style suit for your frame.

And the most expensive option is to get a suit made just for you, from one of our friends at Bindle & KeepKipper Clothiers, or Sharpe Suiting. I know Bindle & Keep actually makes women's style suits in addition to men's and everything in between, so they will get you pretty close to perfection.

I hope you find a way to get what you're looking for! Good luck.