Qweary: Small Masculine Glasses

Anonymous asked: "Howdy. I'm a 'mo who totes needs glasses to see anything more than a foot away. But I'm really sick of glasses that clash with my gender expression. Any tips for finding frames that have some degree of masculinity but will still work on my tiny lady-sized face? Possibly even some options other than the standard hipster frame? I'm not quite cool enough to pull that off on the daily."

I give you Warby Parker and Zenni Optical. Warby Parker is hella cool and trendy, and have smaller frames for smaller faces BUT ALSO totally awesome designs. Each pair is $98 with lenses and shipping. Zenni is much, much cheaper. I have a few pairs from Zenni, and I would strongly suggest to stay on the small-medium sized glasses. Trust me, they’re still big. From what you’ve said, I think you might dig these:


Huxley Whiskey Tortoise, at Warby Parker for $95


Sinclair Burgundy Fade, at Warby Parker for $95