Qweary: Slim Fit Vs. Modern Fit Shirts?

Anonymous asked: "I get so confused when looking at men's button-down shirts. What is the difference between things like 'slim fit' and 'modern fit?'"

Every retailer is different when it comes to how they tailor their shirts and how they refer to that tailoring. The same thing is true of pants, and a lot of it is straight-up counter-intuitive. Recently I brought two different pairs of pants in the same size to a fitting room at the Gap and I couldn’t get the “slim” pants on, whereas the “skinny” ones were fine. I think generally speaking “slim” and “modern” mean tailored rather than shapeless, but this will vary from store-to-store. Since I mentioned the Gap, I’ll use them as an example— their modern oxford’s fit is described as “[c]loser to the body than our original fit shirts, but looser than our slim fits.” I would say this is generally open for interpretation by each retailer. I think it’s just a matter of doing a survey on how these interpretations fit your body. I’ve learned that no tailored shirt from Banana Republic is going to fit me, whether it’s called modern, slim or trim; the collar’s always going to be much too big, etc. 

Cover image via www.reserved.com