Qweary: Feminine Boy Presentation?

Anonymous asked: "Hi! I am a pretty feminine FtM. I love bright colours, floral patterns, jewellery, even some make-up, but they all make me look like a woman, which I hate, not just a feminine boy.

"Is there a way to wear feminine (but men's) clothes and still look like a man, or should I just stick to stereotypically masculine clothing?"

Fit, fit, fit. It’s all about fit. Masculine fit is about straight lines, whereas feminine fit is all about curves. If you want to pass, go for masculine lines and be sure to eliminate (or reduce) any curviness. If you dress like a femmey-guy, you’re going to be read (sometimes) as a cis-gay dude (#storyofmylife), which is just fine with me, but it could be different for others. I think, above all, you should do you. Rock the bright colors, floral patterns, jewelry, and fierce make-up. Do so in a way that affirms your gender and identity!

Cover photo: www.tumblr.com