In Search of Wellness: Fashion, Identity, and Confidence

On Monday, July 8th, I was thrilled to be interviewed on In Search of Wellness with dapperQ managing editor and high femme Anita Dolce Vita; The Handsome Butch (in absentia); and host DJ Joelle Zigman, for a special panel discussion of fashion, confidence, identity, and gender on In Search of Wellness. 

Anita also made an impromptu trip to Boston this weekend and I got to see her! We took the perfect thoughtful pose to accompany our radio show:

In Search of Wellness is a half hour long radio chronicle of a DJs quest for peace and health. Hosted by Nuts and Bolts Music ( founder, dapperQ contributor, and butch journalist Joelle Zigman, tune in to In Search of Wellness this summer, Mondays at 8pm CT on 91.7FM KVRX in Austin, or stream it live at

Music Featured: Megz Kelli and Dougie Do - Shoes and Money - Creative Creature…reative