Interview with Menswear Stylist Beelinda Fox (Part 1 of 2)

I ran into menswear stylist Beelinda Fox with her business partner Fran Collazo for the first time at an event several months ago, and was allured by her trinity tie knot and incredible sense of style. She and Fran won Best Wardrobe Stylist in Boston for 2013, and ever since she's gotten calls from around the country for music videos, photoshoots, and other styling projects. I was thrilled to spend the afternoon with her and get more of an eye into her exciting life for some Qwearspiration.

Photography by Sam Murray.

Beelinda Fox, Menswear Stylist
Beelinda Fox, Menswear Stylist

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Lowell, Mass. My family didn’t have much. We were living in an apartment with about 8 other families. So I always had hand-me-down clothes, mostly from flea markets or yard sales.

In order for you to get in the clique at school, you always tried to get the hottest trend that everyone was wearing. I always wanted to fit in with the cool kids, but then I came to find out that it wasn’t me. It didn’t make me feel comfortable under my own skin. So I stopped trying to wear the same thing that everyone was wearing. That’s how my sense of style came about. 

Beelinda Fox, Menswear Stylist

How did you get into styling?

I was my friend Fran Collazo’s assistant. He was a women's stylist and I would accompany him to photoshoots, helping with garments, doing pulls, inventories, accessories, steaming, you name it. I worked with him for 3 years, and we came into a speed bump where there was a male model involved in one of our corporate clients. He was accustomed to working with female models, and I just stepped in and expressed my ideas for the shoot. And from then on, I just fell in love with styling menswear. Seeing the image and the video come alive made me realize I'd found my true calling.

Beelinda Fox, Menswear Stylist

How did you meet Fran?

We met sophomore year in high school. Every day in English class we’d each have Cosmo or People Magazine hidden in our books. One day I saw him with the newest People Magazine, I went up to him and asked him if I could borrow it. From then on it was love at first sight. After we graduated High School, he went to designer school, and I went to do criminal justice. We kept in touch in college, and then I bumped into him later on. I decided to tag along to one of his photoshoots. That's when I fell in love with fashion all over again.

Beelinda Fox, Menswear Stylist
Beelinda Fox, Menswear Stylist

Can you tell us what your Monday as a stylist looks like?

On a Monday morning, I’ll wake up to emails upon emails from designers, photographers, and boutique owners. I respond to all of these connections, and then Fran and I get together to plan our upcoming shoots. We'll talk about what kind of garments we’ll be pulling, and where we’ll be pulling the garments from, so there’s a lot of behind the scenes before the actual shooting. The shooting takes a day, but the actually styling part will take at least 2-3 days.

Beelinda Fox, Menswear Stylist

Who are your clients?

I have a lot of corporate clients, friends who are models, agency models, personal clients, artists, and photographer friends who know of models. But a lot of our work comes from clients who contact us for their own concepts. Most of the work are for editorials, commercials, life styles, music videos, and personal shopping.

What do you think about fashion rules?

If you’re concerned about what the norm is, you're not letting your inner personality come through. I honestly do not think there is a rule when it comes to fashion. 

I always want to be different. If I see people wearing certain trend, I try to stay within the look but I will add a piece of my style into it. That detail separates you from the norm it's my personality sticking out.

Beelinda Fox, Menswear Stylist

Outfit details:

Suit: Christian Dior
Button-up: DKNY
Scarf: American Eagle
Pocket tissue: Silk, made in Italy
Shoes: Aston Grey
Socks: Christian Dior
Watch: Michael Kors
Necklaces, bracelets, rings: Recess Boutique 41 Church St Winchester, Ma.              

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our interview next week, and make sure to keep up with Beelinda: Facebook | Instagram | Website