Qweary: Grown And Sexy Undershirts

Anonymous asked: "Is there a Grown And Sexy way to wear undershirts as shirts? Or is there something else that has the same in-your-face vibe (and torso-lengthening power!) that doesn't look like pajamas?"

Ladies, gents, and homoqueers, I present you with Everlane. (Qwear has blogged about them before, because they’re awesome.) These are the best shirts in the entire world, and no one will mistake them for undershirts. They’re constructed in such a way (high quality materials, design, and production) that they hang and fit beautifully; and, they’re made right here in the USA, so you know you’re not contributing to dangerous clothing makers elsewhere in the world.  


The Men’s Crew in Mediterranean, at Everlane for $15

Cover image source: www.marioarmstrong.com