Jack Tar 207 Photoshoot Behind The Scenes

I traveled to Portland today for a photoshoot with Jack Tar 207. Shana picked me up from the bus station and got some donuts from a local bakery on the way there - so I’m a little sugar happy from chai and blueberry and chocolate salted donuts. LK said this is her favorite weather to shoot in. Slightly overcast, but the air was so clean and lovely. 

Also, I suppose this is no better time than any to tell you that I lost my black frames, so I took the opportunity to go back to SEE Eyewear and get some new ones! I love these.

They chose a dapper/preppy/sports theme for this one, which I was pretty stoked about. When else will I get the chance to hold a football while wearing a bow tie? Here are some behind the scenes photos, but keep your eye out on Qwear and Jack Tar 207 for the full shoot!


I’m wearing:

Shirt: George Boys’ Solid Oxford Husky Shirt, thrifted at Goodwill and tailored
Glasses: SEE Eyewear
Blazer: Topman Black Skinny Suit Jacket*
Pocket Square: BLACK BROWN 1826 Floral and Paisley Print Silk Pocket Square, bought at Lord & Taylor
Knit Tie: Uniqlo
Sweater: Borrowed from David
Pants: Topman Stone Skinny Chinos*
Shoes: Suede Walk-over Derbys (Bought on sale at the Tannery)

Thanks to David Jon Tim, Jack Tar Co-Stylist, for snapping these pics. 

*Topman is sponsoring Qwear.